As UK inflation surges to its highest level in 40 years, Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP Angus MacNeil says it is time for Scotland to escape Westminster.

As the Conservative Party focus on the appointment of their new leader to take over from ousted Prime Minister Boris Johnson, families are facing a cost of living crisis.

As of this week, inflation surged to a record 10.1 per cent for the 12 months to July, taking it to its highest level for 40 years.

The situation is likely to get worse before it improves, with the Bank of England forecasting the rate of inflation to hit 13.3 per cent this year.

Mr MacNeil said: “The current Tory Government is nowhere to be seen while families are facing rising bills and inflation soaring to levels not seen since 1982.

“The Government are so focused on the fight for the position of new Prime Minister that they are failing to act on the crisis situation unfolding around them.

“People need help right now. The current Prime Minister should recall Parliament and introduce an emergency budget that freezes the energy price cap, scraps VAT on fuel and delivers meaningful financial support for households.

“With every day the UK government fails to act, it is demonstrating the need for Scotland to become an independent country, with the full powers and levers needed to support families and escape the damage of Westminster control.”

  • Inflation is the increase in the price of something over time.
  • For example, if a bottle of milk costs £1 and that rises by 5p compared with a year earlier, then milk inflation is 5%.

Here are some examples of how the cost of everyday goods and services have risen in the past year based on the ONS data.

Low-fat milk 34.0%

Butter 27.1%

Pasta and couscous 24.4%

Olive oil 23.6%

Margarine and other vegetable fats 22.5%

Jams, marmalades and honey 21.2%

Sauces, condiments, salt, spices and culinary herbs 21.2%

Cheese and curd 17.9%

Ready-made meals 16.0%

Potatoes 15.7%

Eggs 14.6%

Yoghurt 14.2%

Pork 13.2%

Edible ices and ice cream 12.9%

Fish 12.8%

Bread 11.0%

Pizza and quiche 9.9%

Fruit 8.5%

Rice 6.7%

Sugar 5.1%