Isles MP Angus MacNeil has welcomed confirmation today from the Scottish Government that oil and gas workers returning home from countries not on the acute risk list will not have to isolate for 10 days in a hotel.

Mr MacNeil has been calling for changes to be made to the exemption list after having been contacted by many oil workers.

Commenting Angus MacNeil said:

“I am pleased to see that the Scottish Government has listened, and changes have now been made to the exemption list which will mean that workers in the oil and gas sector returning home for Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Netherlands or Norway.  This will be a huge relief for the oil workers and their families.”


Further Information below:

The exemptions listed here apply to people arriving from countries outside the Common Travel Area that are not acute risk countries.

Oil and Gas

Applies to workers who have travelled to Scotland in the course of their work to undertake or commence activities on or in relation to an offshore installation or upstream petroleum infrastructure; critical safety work on an offshore installation or a well being decommissioned or preserved pending demolition or reuse; or activities for the provision of workers, goods, materials or equipment or other essential services required to support the safe operation of these activities.

From 0400 on Thursday 25 February, this exemption also applies to workers undertaking any of those activities offshore in Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Netherlands or Norway, who are returning to Scotland and have transited through, but not entered, another country on their return journey.

•             you need to take a coronavirus test before you travel to Scotland

•             you need to complete the passenger locator form before you travel to Scotland

•             you do not need to book a managed isolation package

•             you need to book a testing package and take two coronavirus tests while you are in Scotland

•             you must self-isolate when you are not at, or travelling to and from, a place where you are required to undertake the activities this exemption applies to

•             you’ll need to show a letter from your company at the border which includes your personal details, such as name and address; contact details for your employer; and a description of the work you’ll be doing. If your employer issued you with photo identification, you should bring this with you

Guidance on how to isolate in your own accommodation are available here: