Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP Angus MacNeil has written to the UK Prime Minister following Boris Johnson’s acknowledgment of the difficulties faced by the Scottish fishing industry as a result of his Brexit deal.

Commenting, Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP MacNeil said:

“I have contacted Downing Street following the Prime Minister’s appearance at the Liaison Committee where he talked about compensation. I am hearing from the fishing industry who are telling me scallop fishing has stopped, prawn boats are also tied up, white fish prices have crashed, and we know from DFDS that they are not taking any consignments to the continent for yet another 5 days.

“At the route of all this is people’s jobs, in processing and on boats, who are affected by this and affected badly. This situation is a catastrophe. 

“The Republic of Ireland has been promised €1.051 billion in help from the European Union, as a result Irish politicians have been commenting about the result of it ‘consistent solidarity’ from the European Union towards Ireland, in what is even for them a difficult Brexit process. 

“For us in Scotland, the Brexit process is far far worse than anything Ireland is facing. The best we have had so far is to share a £100 million between England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a tenth of what Ireland alone is getting. It is time for the UK Government, who have caused this situation, to up their game and make sure that billions are coming into Scotland, particularly the Highlands and Islands which are the worst affected area in Europe due to Brexit. 

“People’s lives should not be damaged because of the choices of Tory Westminster, Scotland clearly needs to be independent, the damage being done by being in the UK is very much on our doorsteps right now.”