Brexit is on course to be hugely damaging to the Outer Hebrides, warns Na H-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP Angus MacNeil who says the only route of escape is through Scottish Independence.

Latest statistics from the CNA Competitiveness map of Europe show the Highlands and Islands of Scotland will be the most adversely affected part of Europe.

Production costs may rise up to 4.5% and industries such as agriculture are expected to be impacted negatively. Currently 90% of medical supplies for sheep are imported from the EU.

The UK will leave the European Union in just 44 days and Mr MacNeil warns again that the repercussions of Brexit with or without a deal will be hugely negative for the economy.

He said: “Brexit looks to be very damaging for the Outer Hebrides.

“On the CNA Competitiveness map of Europe, the most damaged part by Westminster’s Brexit is the Highlands and Islands.

“It is again frightening to see that the most damaged part of Europe by London’s Brexit is going to be the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

“Ireland of course escapes as much damage because it is independent. Other parts of Europe will of course be damaged but nowhere is damaged as much as the UK and nowhere in the UK as much as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

“Our only escape from this nonsense – walking out of a trade block and erecting barriers to trade and damaging the economy –  is of course Scottish Independence when like Ireland we can make our own decisions and not be damaged by crazy fantasies emanating from Westminster and the Tories.

“As Chair of the International Trade Committee I’ve spoken to many sectors of UK business and nobody is looking forward to Brexit. Many foresee difficulties and shortages – from animal medicines, from increased food prices – such as UK produced chicken being more expensive regardless of whether there is a deal or no deal. It is quite shocking that UK chicken will be more expensive in the UK because of Brexit but these are the problems Brexit is creating.

“The only hope Scotland has in the midst of this is to become independent and it is heartening to see that a growing number of Scots are joining the 58% of Scots who already want the country to be independent.

“The majority of Scots want independence and no wonder, when we see the mis-governance and the ship heading for the rocks that is Brexit, coming up very soon.”