Construction jobs to drive forward renewable energy must stay in Scotland, says Isles SNP MP Angus MacNeil as he responds to the Prime Minister’s comments at this week’s Conservative Party Conference.

Boris Johnson reiterated the comments of Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond several years ago when he described Scotland as being ‘the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy’.

Mr MacNeil said: “It is good to see Boris Johnson is trailing behind former First Minister Alex Salmond who about a decade ago described Scotland as the ‘Saudi Arabia of renewable energy’.

“The things that Mr Johnson must address as well as getting the wind and the renewable side right is making sure that the construction jobs come to Scotland.

“Only recently we’ve seen SSE/Seagreen get some renewable obligations from the UK Government only to run off to United Arab Emirates and to China where work practices are less safe and corners are cut to construct their towers.

“Any company getting contracts from the UK Government in future must ensure that wherever it can happen, such as the construction of towers for wind turbines, that these jobs come to the coasts around the ‘Saudia Arabia of renewable energy’ – the yard at Arnish in Stornoway and at Methil in Fife and ensure that the jobs and futures are built upon the legacy of our natural resources.”