The UK Treasury has rightly today announced the extension of the furlough scheme until the end of September; however, the Chancellor should also remove all the complications which he is introducing to the scheme, says Isles MP Angus MacNeil.

Mr MacNeil has warned that the ultimate ending of the furlough scheme must depend on health needs in each devolved nation and not be guided by the policies chosen in only one nation. 

Commenting Mr MacNeil said:

“Last night in the virtual Commons I asked for the Treasury support which underpins health needs to be maintained and to follow the needs of all the health policies of each devolved nation. Therefore, the furlough scheme has rightly been extended but it cannot end when the needs of one nation are such that it is not needed. 

“Certainly, Treasury support should not be kicked away when the health policy of England dictates it is no longer required in England, this is particularly important after the Prime Ministers confusing divergence from the health policies being followed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  
 “The Chancellor should make clear that any health decision being made in any devolved nation can be made on health grounds alone without his financial penalties. 

“We have to make sure the welfare of everyone is looked after, when their government is taking steps for public health.

“Finally, as regards to health, we in Scotland have tasted what health independence is like we just need to taste what independence is like in every other policy area.”