Angus MacNeil MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar has welcomed the offer from the Faroe Islands, who have offered to do Covid19 testing for us if need be and if that was requested.

Commenting Angus MacNeil MP said:

“It has been obvious for a while that testing has been required, testing at the point of admission to hospital is not what successful countries have been doing in stopping the spread of this virus.

“We already have a professor of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University backing Hebridean testing.  We now have this offer from the Faroe Islands to do the testing and I think it is up to NHS Western Isles now to take a step forward and not just take orders from Edinburgh but to decide what we need in the islands and what is good for us. 

“It was interesting to hear the First Minister last night say that they decided to close down and stop testing when the infection rate was at 3 times, that wasn’t the case in the islands and it probably isn’t the case in the islands even now, so therefore the case for testing is unanswerable and it should get underway.

“The fact that the Faroese are offering some of their capacity to help us should be grabbed with both hands by the Scottish Government and NHS Western Isles should be lobbying the Scottish Government to make sure that happens.”