4 Months without a 2G phone signal is 4 months too long says Isles MP

Angus MacNeil MP has written to EE to see if he can help resolve a dispute which has left Castlebay residents without 2g on their mobile phones for more than 4 months.

Commenting Mr MacNeil said

” It was brought to my attention that the Castlebay mast in Barra has been without a 2g phone signal for more than 4 months. It seems that there is some dispute between the Operator, the owner of the mast and the landowner which is preventing access to enable restoration of the signal.

“I have today written to EE to ask if there is anything that I can do to resolve this dispute and bring about a restoration of the signal. If there is a problem between the land owner and the owner of the mast then this must be sorted out in order to reassure Castlebay customers that this is not just an excuse for the operators to do nothing.

” Four months is too long to leave customers without 2G and something must be done to ensure operators have access to masts as soon as something goes wrong”