Following President Trump’s arrival in the UK yesterday and the recent leak of internal memos from the Department for International Trade’s US-UK trade and investment working group, the SNP have warned that Scottish produce could be undermined and food standards threatened by a secretive Trump-Johnson trade deal.  

The memos reveal that Geographical Indications (GIs) – a mark of quality that protects produce from imitation and to promote regional products – have also been put on the table as part of potential trade negotiations.

The US and EU have long disagreed over GIs, however with the UK Governments extreme Brexit plans the US have presented their “potential objectives” on loosening and changing standards for GIs. If this was to take place it would be a disaster for Scottish produce including Stornoway Black Pudding, Scottish farmed salmon, Scotch lamb and Scotch whisky. 

The US have also been encouraging the UK, in the event of Brexit, to assert “regulatory autonomy” and not be bound by the EU’s high standards on produce. 

Commenting, Angus MacNeil SNP, Na h-Eileanan an Iar, said:

“A secretive trade deal which destroys food standards and Scotland’s world class produce, particularly Stornoway black pudding, Scottish farmed salmon and whisky, would be highly detrimental in Na h-Eileanan an Iar. It shows that the Tories are willing to sell-out Scottish produce to please Donald Trump. 

“The Local Level Brexit Vulnerabilities report released in October showed that Na h-Eileanan an Iar would be the most vulnerable and hardest hit area in Scotland to the damage of Brexit. It reiterates the fact that there is no good Brexit.

“There has been tremendous fuss about a US-UK trade deal when the reality is that such a deal would add only 0.2% to UK GDP, with a lot less to US GDP, while Brexit will cost UK 6-8% of GDP.”