SNP’s Angus MacNeil, along with many islanders is saddened at the discovery of a sperm whale  which died after it was stranded on Seilebost Beach on the Isle of Harris. 

Inside the whale a 100kg litter ball was found in the stomach containing fishing nets, rope, plastic cups and plastic bags. 

Commenting Angus MacNeil, Na h-Eileanan an Iar said:

“The image of the whale on Seilebost Beach has shocked many people and further highlights the problem we have with marine pollution.

“Marine pollution is a problem world-wide which affects the Western Isles as everywhere else. If not controlled marine pollution could adversely affect the fishing industry and tourism which rely on our reputation for a clean environment and increasingly the wild life around our coasts.

“There are a number of different strands to marine pollution – locally we need to ensure that waste – household, agricultural and from those that use the sea is properly disposed of and not just dumped. Individually we need to reduce our use of plastic and single use items, ensure that we do not litter beaches and public places and sort our household waste correctly. 

“Personally I often pickup rubbish as I walk the beach at Tangasdale and I know many others do this too. I commend all those who tidy our beaches regularly and for campaign groups such as ‘Clean Coast Outer Hebrides’ for raising awareness of the importance of our coastal environment.

“We must all play our part to preserve our coasts for use by future generations.”