A local Island businessman is already getting letters from customers as regards his stock and the difficulties with the imposition of tariffs due to Brexit

Gordon Maclennan of Stornoway Plastics, who manufacture equipment for the fishing industry, has received a letter from a customer in the Republic of Ireland about what will happen to goods after 1st November in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Mr Maclennan has been told that Irish companies believe that a No Deal Brexit is the most likely outcome and that they anticipate the need for Customs paperwork and possibly Customs Duties will have to be paid before any imports will be accepted. Irish Companies have already been issued with a Customs reference number for use after Brexit.

Angus MacNeil MP commenting said

‘This is an example of what a hard Brexit will do. 

‘This is the first business that has come to us and said they have difficulties from customers due to the change in the trading regime. No longer will we have open markets and easy trading after Brexit.

‘Stornoway Plastics are, probably unknown to many, in the forefront of innovation in fishing industry tools and apparatus so much so their work has even been copied in China, but a hard Brexit means selling their Stornoway manufactured products to nearby Donegal will be a problem and customers there are already concerned at higher costs.

‘After Brexit, when outside the Single Market and Customs Unions there are going to be problems for businesses and a hard Brexit is going to be the worst of all. This example from Stornoway Plastics is just the tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come.’