SNP MP Angus MacNeil and Leader of Inverclyde SNP Council Group Chris McEleny are to resurrect the idea of using a General Election to progress independence in light of the Boris Johnson premiership and Westminster not respecting the Election mandate of 2016 and the Scottish Parliament Mandate of March 2017 for an independence referendum.

Na h-Eileanan an Iar’s MP Angus Brendan MacNeil said: “All Scotland is aghast at the latest choice being foisted on our country.

“Clearly Boris and his party are not Scotland’s choice and haven’t been for over six decades, and we can see from our independent Nordic and Irish neighbours that there is a better way.  Scotland has a mandate for a referendum on independence and Westminster must respect this. If it doesn’t then we must ensure that the Scottish Government, on behalf of the people, has another club in its bag to influence negotiations over a Section 30 order. Namely we need the prospect of a direct mandate for independence from a majority of MPs from a  Westminster Election (or MSPs from a Scottish Election) to positively progress Scotland to the prosperity of our Nordic and Irish neighbours and away from the damaging policies of Westminster.”

The proposer of the motion Chris McEleny – who represents ordinary party members on the SNP’s ruling national executive said:

“SNP members and the independence movement were not happy when our motion was rejected without even allowing a debate. Now we will have the opportunity to recognise all we have achieved thanks to the Scottish Parliament but importantly put in place a plan B to give our Parliament all the powers of an ordinary independent country if the UK Government refuse to agree to Section 30 order.”

Both Mr McEleny and Mr MacNeil are encouraging ordinary SNP members who want this debated at conference to email National Secretary Angus MacLeod to have their names added to the amendment to Motion 5 at SNP October conference.

Amendment to Motion 5:

Conference calls on the UK Government to devolve Section 30 powers to the Scottish Parliament so that the people of Scotland can be given a choice about their future in an independence referendum in accordance with the established principles of the Edinburgh Agreement.

Conference instructs, that in the event of the UK Government failing to agree to grant a section 30 order, that the manifesto for the next Scottish or UK Parliamentary election – whichever may come first – shall state that, a pro independence electoral victory shall be a mandate from the people of Scotland to commence independence negotiations with the UK Government.