New tariff arrangements revealed by the UK Government today (Wednesday) could leave those exporting lamb severely out of pocket in the event of No Deal, says Isles MP Angus MacNeil.

With just over two weeks until the UK is expected to leave the EU, the Department of International Trade announced plans for tariffs on imports to the UK. These included tariffs on sheep meat and beef.

Mr MacNeil said: “The tariffs outlined by the UK Government today are very bad news for agriculture. The spin of UK “protection” actually means tariffs into the EU for UK agriculture.

“Crofters in Na h-Eileanan an Iar are preparing for lambing in just a few weeks.  The autumn lamb sales have a huge EU market and the future is now worrying and very uncertain.

“Only revoking Article 50 to stop Brexit will now prevent choking and restricting trade. With no trade deals, the UK will face tariffs on almost all exports.

Reactions from the agricultural industry say the proposed tariffs could have a negative impact on UK exporters, in particular the sheep sector. They warn that the combination of tariffs and a no-deal Brexit could also mean an end to established supply chains which would cause disruption.