Commenting on reports that Transport Secretary Michael Matheson MSP is looking at a range of options to help alleviate ferry capacity issues during peak times, Isles MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil said:

“RET introduced by the SNP Government has been hugely beneficial, particularly to the economy in our islands with ever increasing tourist numbers. I do not believe that increasing ferry fares during peak times should be considered as a solution to capacity issues. 

“A possible solution to capacity issues could be found by only selling 70% of bookings by a certain date prior to travel, thereafter staggering bookings but leaving 10% of bookings until the last week of travel.  This would help locals who need to travel at short notice.

“Increasing ferry fares will not help and will just make it more expensive to live in the islands.  I will be writing to Transport Secretary Michael Matheson about this and to ask that he considers other solutions.”