Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP Angus MacNeil will vote against the Prime Minister’s damaging Brexit deal in the House of Commons next week.

The delayed ‘Meaningful Vote’ is scheduled to take place next Tuesday (January 15th) following several days of debate starting today (Wednesday).

Mr MacNeil says the Prime Minister has made the UK an ‘international laughing stock’ due to the ongoing Brexit chaos and that the time has come for Scotland to take its own path.

He said: “Even the most deluded can see that Brexit is not going terribly well and that the UK is now an international laughing stock. The delusions of the Prime Minister, the Tory Party and the Labour Party leadership must come to an end after next week’s vote.

“Theresa May’s Brexit deal will be economically damaging for all of us, no deal will be even worse.

Angus MacNeil MP

“She has crashed the Rolls Royce and the only choice now is to go down to the second hand car shop and choose a second hand car or a moped.

“What this whole fiasco has shown more than ever is that Scotland needs its independence and the time is now to start this process.”

The SNP Group of MPs will vote against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and would support any move to hold a second referendum, a People’s Vote on EU membership.