More than 10 per cent of Na h-Eileanan an Iar voters who supported Brexit have now changed their minds, according to a new poll.


Isles SNP MP Angus B MacNeil said the poll, conducted by Channel 4 and Survation, showed that many who originally thought Leaving the EU would be a positive move are now concluding that Brexit will be bad news for the local economy.


He said: “When the facts change people change their minds, this is a well known phrase and I congratulate those who are not afraid to review changing circumstances and change their minds, more will follow I am sure.


“This major new poll shows that support for Remain in the islands is up 11 per cent from 56 per cent to 67 per cent. The majority of my constituents voted to Remain in 2016 as did constituencies across all of Scotland, there is a growing support to remain in the EU yet Scotland is to be taken out against our will.


“Membership of the Single Market and Customs Union is crucial for industry in Scotland and the SNP Group at Westminster will not support any measure by the UK Government which threatens Scottish jobs and standards.”


He added: “The Tories and Labour have the same non-policy on the Single Market and Customs Union with both parties totally divided on what should and should not be on the table as part of Brexit deal negotiations – giving no answers to industries who urgently need to know what lies ahead.


“Brexit is a concern for everyone and that is becoming more apparent by the number of representations I receive on this issue including people supporting The People’s Vote on a final deal.”


As a vocal critic of Brexit and the UK Government’s handling of the process, Mr MacNeil speaks regularly in the House of Commons taking part in debates on the EU; calling for answers from the UK Government; and to highlight that Brexit will be a no win situation for the economy.


As Chair of the House of Commons International Trade Committee, he is presented with evidence from industry and trade experts from across the globe on a weekly basis.



The Channel 4 poll found that if another EU referendum was held tomorrow, it would be likely that Remain would win right across the UK.

The results were revealed on Channel 4 on Monday night in a live debate show, ‘Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks’.