Cardtronics, the company responsible for the ATM in Tarbert on the Isle of Harris are once again coming under fire for their inability to keep this essential service working.


Isles MP Angus MacNeil has hit out at Cardtronics in light of continued disruption to the ATM.

In the month of December, the ATM only worked for 10 days.  So far in 2018, the ATM has been out of action from 5th to 12th January, and Mr MacNeil has received further reports that on Monday 15th January the ATM once again stopped dispensing cash.

Commenting Angus MacNeil said:

“This is a truly shoddy service from Cardtronics.

“Lloyds Banking Group transferred this ATM to Cardtronics and at that time, Lloyds stated that ‘it was important to them that Tarbert, Isle of Harris receives an improved and more consistent level of service from the ATM, and that they have ensured the new provider was able to demonstrate the standard of service they’d provide, which we have seen through their existing ATM in Stornoway.’  In the case of the ATM in Tarbert, Cardtronics are absolutely not providing an improved service.

“During the month of December the ATM only worked for 10 days and so far in 2018, it has only worked for 7 days.  An island cannot expect to manage without an ATM.  North Harris Community Council have contacted Cardtronics on numerous occasions but Cardtronics sadly do not appear to be interested.

“The people of Harris deserve a much better service and with the tourist season approaching, something must be done to bring about improvements to the ATM.

“In addition to contacting Cardtronics, I will also be making Lloyds Banking Group aware of the situation with this ATM.”