Sign the petition and make your view known to RBS says Isles MP

Commenting on the RBS bank closures Angus MacNeil MP said

“A petition is circulating in all constituencies targeted by RBS and I encourage all constituents to sign this and make their view on this closure clear to RBS. I will be delivering the petition to the House of Commons in early January.

RBS Castlebay

This morning Mr MacNeil received the staggering information that RBS will be reducing the opening hours of the Lochboisdale Branch in order to provide a mobile service to Barra and communities in Uist.

“This is an ill-conceived plan which has not been thought through. First they said Castlebay customers could go to Lochboisdale but turns out now that this will be closed half the time and searching for a bank van across the countryside is  not realistic at all” said Mr MacNeil. “Servicing Barra from South Uist is not sensible and will be subject to weather conditions, availability of ferries and of course will be placing an increasing burden on the remaining staff.

“RBS say that they will be informing customers – why not consult with customers who are also taxpayers and therefore shareholders in this largely Government owned Bank.

“This is not good enough and again I am calling on the Government to intervene. Collectively, we own RBS. Above all else, RBS was saved to provide banking services to our communities.’ It’s time for the Government to take action”