phone-picEE/Orange customers in Uig , Lewis and the Isle of Barra are continuing to experience problems with mobile signals. Customers in Uig have been without a signal since the end of June and in Barra from beginning of July.

EE have confirmed to Angus MacNeil MP that engineers have been on site in Uig over the last week but as yet there is no resolution to the problem. In Barra the company say that they have issues at two different sites but hope to have engineers working there later this week though they do not guarantee a fast fix to these problems. Three mobile customers in Barra are also affected as Three use the EE/Orange masts.

Angus MacNeil MP said “I have been in touch with EE/Orange over the last few weeks and have impressed on them the need for a speedy resolution to these faults. Despite recent press releases and engineers being on site customers are still without a service and this is not good enough. “

“People in these areas rely heavily on mobile phones and the loss of service has a big effect on all aspects of life, in particular for calling emergency services. Lack of a mobile signal could result in delays in getting help and add to already stressful situations.  I am continuing to push all mobile operators to upgrade to 4G and to co-operate to ensure improvements to communications within the Western Isles.”