Isles MP demands Immigration Minister Visits fishing communities on the West Coast.

 Isles SNP MP Angus MacNeil has today written to the Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis asking him to go and meet with fishing groups in the West coast of Scotland to deal with crewing issues.


Commenting, Mr MacNeil said: “Yet again we have seen another boat lose a perfectly capable fisherman from Ghana due to the spurious argument that they are not fishing outside the 12 mile limit which the UK Government calls international waters. Calling out with the 12 mile limit, international waters is a very interesting concept given that post-Brexit the UK Government wants to have control of waters up to 200 miles.

The reality is that this is something within the gift of the UK government, they are damaging industry in Scotland because of their particularly strange view of migrant workers and a lack of understanding. The only way this is going to change is if the Minister Brandon Lewis comes to the Islands, sees fishing boats and fishermen and tries to help rather than, as we have had from successive immigration ministers, the blocking and hindrance to what is required. Particularly in the West Coast of Scotland which has the largest national fishery area classified within 12miles by the European Union, although most of it is more than 12 miles from land.”