For the last twelve years it has been a great privilege to represent the people of Na h-Eileanan an Iar in Parliament.

We now face huge challenges and possibly opportunities, particularly in the islands, as a result of Brexit.

The announcement of a General Election is a move of panic by the Prime Minister who knows she isn’t going to get a deal on trade with Europe.

We need strong and experienced opposition to oppose a hard Brexit. We need to oppose tariffs on exports of lamb and fish which are a threat to our economy.

We have to put Scotland’s interests first at this election. Only by returning SNP MPs can we continue to provide the Strong Voice of opposition, so much needed at this time.

I will endeavour to speak to as many of you as possible in this short campaign and I hope that you will again allow me the honour of representing you in Westminster by voting for me and for the SNP on June 8th.


Angus Brendan headshot Westminster

Angus MacNeil MP