Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 13th December

Fishing industry leaders will tomorrow meet with UK Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill MP to discuss the crew shortage. 

This meeting follows on from the meeting of 4th November when Mr MacNeil met with Mr Goodwill together with Argyll and Bute MP, Brendan O’Hara and Margaret Ritchie MP South Down, Northern Ireland, both of whom also represent fishing communities.  At this meeting, the Minister agreed to meet with fishing industry leaders before the end of the year.

Mr MacNeil said:

“I am pleased that the Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill MP has kept to his word and will tomorrow (Tuesday 13 December) meet with fishing industry leaders which will include representatives from the Western Isles.

“The West Coast is in need of fishing crews and the UK Government rather than blocking the economy, must help it in line with the wishes of Scotland, the islands and fishing communities.  This is a huge test of understanding for the UK Government as everybody even the Mail on Sunday, can see the sense in this.

“The fishing industry is suffering because of lack of crew.  This meeting will allow for the fishing industry to make a direct plea to the Immigration Minister and I hope that a solution can be found.


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