Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP Angus MacNeil was today (Monday) en route for Westminster as Parliament meets for the first time since last week’s EU referendum result.

Commenting on the continued political chaos caused by the outcome of the referendum, Mr MacNeil said:

“Scotland and the SNP have a plan for a positive way forward with the First Minister being the only UK politician to show stronger leadership and a strategic vision in this situation.

“In stark contrast, Westminster is in disarray with the resignation of the Prime Minster, a possible vote of no confidence in the leader of the opposition and absolutely no plan whatsoever on what the next steps will be following the LEAVE result.

“I am confident that Scotland has a future within the EU and indeed this has been confirmed by leading figures in Europe this week. (1)

“We respect the desire of England and Wales to leave the EU and we want our neighbours to do well, however we can’t afford to jeopardise Scotland’s future and so we will continue to work to protect Scotland’s interests.

“A second independence referendum is now on the cards because as the First Minister has said, the UK which Scotland voted to remain part of in September 2014 no longer exists.  I am pleased that this is back on the table and am confident that more people are now seeing that independence is the best option for Scotland.

“Another priority for me is to reassure European citizens living in my constituency that they are welcome and valued in our communities. I have already reassured some people personally in my constituency that I am on their side, the SNP is on their side and they will remain in Scotland. They are valued equally with everybody else for as long as they choose and in reality the islands need all the people we can get.

“I will endeavour to write to as many EU nationals living in Na h-Eileanan an Iar as possible over the coming weeks to reiterate that message.”