Commenting on the outcome of the EU referendum, Angus B MacNeil Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP said:

“This is a sad and difficult day for Scotland, and indeed, one where democracy in Scotland is to be ignored.

“The people of Scotland wish to remain as members of the European Union with 62% voting for that.  Just 21 months ago only 55% wanted to remain in the UK because they were told it would guarantee EU membership, that was clearly wrong.  The EU is therefore more popular in Scotland than the UK.

“Scotland will now lose its membership of the European Union as a consequence of being a member of the United Kingdom and I am extremely concerned about what this result means for all parts of Scotland.

“The UK will now give up our place in the European Union and we will have to see what the days and weeks will bring. Westminster has never given priority to matters in Scotland and I am not expecting that to change with the outcome of this referendum.
“As a Scottish MP at Westminster, I know it has never been more important to ensure a strong voice for Scotland especially against a right wing Tory Government. We will continue to work as best we can for Scotland.
“People must now make it known if they wish to see another referendum on Scottish independence so that Scotland decides its own future. Without independence, we will be forced to leave the EU against the will of the Scottish people.”