Angus MacNeil, SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, is calling on the Labour Party to join efforts to scrap the unelected, undemocratic House of Lords as a new poll shows the overwhelming majority of Scots want to see it abolished.

SNP MPs have long called for the abolition of the House of Lords, which they argue is undemocratic and an institution that belongs well in the past.

As part of the SNP’s call for a progressive alliance between MPs of different parties at Westminster the party has called on Labour to stop sending new peers to the House of Lords, end the practice of peers claiming a £300 a day attendance allowance, and instead join efforts to scrap it in line with the clear wishes of the people.

A new YouGov poll has shown that 67% of Scots support abolishing it, compared to just 16% who would oppose scrapping it. This follows the news that the House of Lords is now the second largest parliamentary assembly in the world following the latest round of appointments made by the UK parties.

Commenting, Angus MacNeil MP said:

 “The SNP has not and will not send peers to the House of Lords. The unelected, undemocratic chamber is now the second largest in the world, with each peer able to claim a £300 a day attendance allowance and with no public accountability. Scottish Lords alone cost the taxpayer over £2million a year.

 “The House of Lords is perhaps the single most ridiculous and absurd legislature in the world. It has been filled with donors and cronies of the UK parties, MPs who have been voted out by their electorate and others who have been favourable to the government of the day. An unelected chamber has no place in a modern society and it’s unsurprising that this latest poll reveals that the overwhelming majority of people want to see it abolished.

 “This is an issue that has been dragging on for decades with little to no meaningful action under either Labour or the Tories.  It’s time to build a progressive alliance in parliament and that’s why the SNP are calling on Labour to now join us in meaningful efforts to scrap the House of Lords.”


Notes for editors:

On the House of Lords the YouGov poll showed:

 “Would you support or oppose abolishing the House of Lords, the second chamber in the Westminster Parliament?”

Don’t know 16%

Oppose abolishing it 16%

Support abolishing it 67%