Isles SNP MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil has received confirmation from Damian Hinds MP, Exchequer Secretary for the Treasury, that they have contacted the Metropolitan Police, the National Crime Agency and authorities at the Bank of England, regarding the allegation of illicit gold trafficking from South America.

SNP MP Angus MacNeil, who exposed the cash for honours scandal, recently submitted a written question at Westminster to ask what representations HM Treasury has received on allegation of illicit gold trafficking from South America.  HM Treasury responded that they had not received any representations on these allegations.

Subsequently, Mr MacNeil wrote to Damian Hinds MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury bringing his attention to a recent report Ojo Publico ‘Dirty Gold: Chasing the trace of the London Bullion Market’, which identifies a group of companies from the US, Switzerland, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates, associated or linked to the London Bullion Market Association, that are claimed to have financed the removal of illegally obtained gold from various South American countries including Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.

Commenting Angus MacNeil MP said:

“The contents of the Ojo Publico report ‘Dirty Gold: Chasing the trace of the London Bullion Market’ raise very serious concerns surrounding the issue of illicitly trafficked gold by companies linked to the London Bullion Market.  The trade in this particular gold involves organised crime and money traffickers as well as doubtless many other unsavoury aspects. It is important that gold production like this is stopped as not only is it done in illegal manner, undoubtedly with terrible working conditions, but also causes environmental damage to forests in South America.

“This report raises lots of questions and I am pleased to see that Damian Hinds MP, HM Treasury has drawn the report to the attention of the Metropolitan Police, National Crime Agency and Prudential Regulations Authority of the Bank of England.

“I am also writing to the Metropolitan Police to ask that they keep me informed of developments.”


Notes :

Link to Ojo Publico report:

Letter from HM Treasury: Letter_Damian Hinds-AB_230715