Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil  has submitted his response to the consultation on the proposed closure of the 2 year secondary at Lionel School. In his response Mr MacNeil has asked that before the Scottish Government come to any decision, that they investigate the way the Secondary School has been basically run down since 2012. Also, did the Comhairle consultation consult with everyone that will or would be affected by the closure of Lionel Secondary?

The Comhairle voted by 16-15 to close Lionel Secondary, the vote was decided by the casting vote of the Convenor after the vote was tied 15-15.

Mr MacNeil said:

“Since councillors voted to keep the Secondary Department at Lionel open in June 2012, a number of factors have contributed to parents losing confidence in the running of the Secondary Department. The catchment area was changed, the removal of the Head Teacher’s post in June 2013, caused instability in the School, parents complained about staffing issues to the Education Department, but this fell on deaf ears. This uncertainty resulted in some parents bypassing the School and sending their kids directly to first year in the Nicolson Institute. This resulted in a drop in pupil numbers.

“Parents and others in the local community want the Secondary Department to be kept open, and particularly as numbers for the next few years are going to increase dramatically from this summer onwards.

“I am also asking the Scottish Government to make sure that everyone who should have been consulted about the proposed closure were consulted?

“I would hope that before any decision is made on the Lionel Secondary, all points are taken into consideration.  Many valid points have been made by those who are actively trying to keep the Secondary Department open, and I sincerely hope that all these different issues are taken into consideration before the final decision is made.