After receiving complaints from constituent affected by recent cancellations of driving and bike tests in January and February, Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil contacted the UK Transport Ministers asking for explanations and demanding solutions so that monthly driving tests in the Western Isles are re-established as soon as possible.

Angus MacNeil said:

“The political pressure from me and constituents, has had an effect on the Driving Standard Agency (DSA) actions as, at the last moment, 3 Examiners were made available to undertake the February tests and to clear the backlog of car & towing tests arising from the January cancellations.  However, DSA is still offering bike tests 7 weeks apart, which makes things very difficult for both the people waiting to take their test and Driving & Rider Schools.

“People in the islands who are waiting to take their test, be that for car or motorcycle, are sadly not receiving the level of service their counterparts on the mainland get from the Driving Standard Agency.

“London needs to understand that given the already limited access to test availability, it is crucial that continuity of the monthly testing is maintained, this is proving hard.

“I will keep working to make sure the UK Department for Transport ensures that monthly testing arrangements are re-established for all vehicles. 

“This is another clear example of how badly people of Scotland needs a strong SNP voice in Westminster so that this and other powers are devolved to Scotland.  London does not understand how important these services are for island communities such as ours.”