Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil has contacted fuel wholesalers Certas Energy and Highland Fuels asking for clarification on the pattern in the wholesale price of fuel in the Western Isles over the last few months. Since July, the wholesale price of unleaded is estimated to have fallen by around 13p a litre and the price of diesel has fallen by 7p a litre.  Some constituents feel that this has not been passed on at some of the pumps, with motorists in Uist dismayed at the differences of 20p a litre between prices in Uist and Lewis.
Angus MacNeil said:

“Questions have to be asked and clarity sought as to why there is such a huge price difference in the cost of fuel in different parts of the Western Isles. Some users feel that while the wholesale price has fallen, they feel that the retail price at some pumps has not.

“We hear on a weekly basis that the price of the barrel of oil is falling, which is currently at its lowest since 2010, yet motorists, particularly in Uist, feel they are not seeing this price reflected at some pumps.  However, what we need to have is definitive information from the wholesalers in the local market, which would allow people to track what has been happening to the fuel price and to see if the retail price has followed suit. Therefore, I am asking Certas Energy and Highland Fuels to help us understand the changes in fuel prices over the last few months.

“We all know retailers have to make a profit to pay staff etc., and smaller stations with low fuel volume sales will have greater pressures and resultant higher costs.  However, what many constituents want is information on whether retail margins are remaining broadly the same and that profits are steady and fair.”