Commenting on the launch today of the White Paper which sets out detailed plans for Scottish independence, Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil said:

“This is the best planned independence process of any nation ever.  Today we take another step towards an independent Scotland, this is an exciting time for us all and the world is watching with great interest.

“The rest of the world wants to see what Scotland thinks of itself, have we the confidence and the certainty for independence. We should have, as we are the 8th wealthiest in the world in the OECD, ahead of the UK in 16th place.  In the last 30 years, Scotland has paid more tax per head, for each year, than the UK average. Scotland is 8.4% of UK population paying 9.9% of UK tax, even David Cameron concedes Scotland can be independent.

“It will also be better for England to have a nation growing more prosperous on its northern border.  If we miss this chance, we will never get the opportunity again.

“Countries gaining independence is common and since the end of WW2, 150 countries have become independent and to quote our First Minister, Alex Salmond, no country has ever been better equipped than Scotland to become independent.

“I hear often that people need more information before they decide how to vote, this White Paper details how Scotland can be a successful independent country.  In a world where not everything is certain, it’s best to have the powers of independence rather than be at the mercy of the choices of a government we did not elect.

“Westminster isn’t working for Scotland, on 18th September 2014 we have the opportunity to change this.”



The white paper can be downloaded at