Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil has added his weight to the calls from Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister to delay the privatisation of Royal Mail until after the referendum claiming that the folly of Royal Mail privatisation is a perfect example of why Scotland should be independent.

Today, Angus MacNeil said:

 “The point made by Alex Salmond that Royal Mail privatisation should wait until after the referendum vote is a sensible, good and valid point.  It only goes to underscore how important it is to have the powers to decide matters in your own society, by the government you elect, rather than a government somebody else elects. 

 “Again, the Scottish Government will be put in a situation of defending Scotland or trying to lessen the blows from the decisions at Westminster.  We have seen from the bedroom tax that rather that solely being able to govern Scotland for the good of the country, part of the Scottish Government’s focus has to be on lessening the impact of Westminster policies from a government Scotland did not vote for.

 “Royal Mail privatisation would not be happening if we were independent and only goes to underscore how import a Yes vote is next year.

 “In life things can be uncertain, but it’s better to have powers in your own hands to deal with that uncertainty rather that to leave them in the hands of somebody else who can privatise an important public service from under your feet.

 “I support the calls from First Minister Alex Salmond for a moratorium on the sell-off of the Royal Mail to allow the people of Scotland, when they vote next year, to come to a decision on whether that national asset should stay in public hands.  

 SNP Councillor for Stornoway North, Gordon Murray also added: 

“I welcome the announcement by the First Minister that after a YES vote the Royal Mail would be returned to public ownership.

 “This will be of great comfort to those who work in the Royal Mail locally and it highlights the fact that Scottish independence is the best option for the Western Isles.”