Commenting on warnings from the AA today (Friday) that prices at the petrol pumps could be about to soar by 5p a litre, Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil said:

“Just as families are thinking about getting in the car and setting off for a summer break, any hike in the wholesale price is going to come as a major blow. Scotland always comes out top of the league in terms of amount paid at the pump  – so this is going to be a real hit for businesses in rural and remote communities, and tourists planning to have a driving holiday in Scotland. That’s just what we don’t need in the summer months.

“The SNP has called for a fuel duty regulator which sees fuel duty cut as prices rise. It is the simplest most effective way of stabilising prices in what we know is a highly volatile market – but successive Westminster governments have broken their promises and refused to budge – so once again we suffer .

“The Tories have repeatedly voted against SNP attempts to rein in fuel prices – and as long as we’re at the mercy of a disinterested Westminster government, this roulette wheel will continue.

“The fact that a country as oil-rich as Scotland suffers from some of the highest fuel prices in Europe says it all about Westminster’s attitude to this crucial issue. That’s why it would be far better for Scotland to decide these issues for ourselves.”