Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus MacNeil yesterday met with representatives from mobile network operator, Everything Everywhere Ltd, following a spate of disruptions to the Orange mobile signal in Uig on the Isle of Lewis.

Mr MacNeil said:

“In Uig on the Isle of Lewis, Orange customers have been experiencing extensive outages with their Orange mobile signal and in some instances it took in the region of two weeks to be repaired.  I contacted the mobile network operator, Everything Everywhere Ltd on behalf of Orange customers and today relayed their concerns.

“On the positive side, Orange assured me that they are looking to improve their rural coverage in the islands, by upgrading their equipment in the coming years.   I of course urged them to improve coverage.  They conceded renewal may not happen as soon as I would like and stressed they were a private company rather than a utility.

“However, I do urge Orange and Vodafone to cooperate so both companies can provide decent networks in the islands, rather than a patchwork of both.”