Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil has been the first MP to meet with the Post Office Ltd following the announcement that they are looking to find retail partners for 70 of their Crown Post Offices.

The Stornoway branch has been identified as a branch that could be potentially partnered with a retailer.

Mr MacNeil said:

“I understand that there are only 25 Crown Post Offices (CPOs) in Scotland, one of them in the Western Isles (Stornoway) out of the 373 in the UK (including Scotland).   This represents 6.7% of the UK total. Therefore, it is well below of the percentage of the Scottish population over the UK total (which is 8.38% according to the last census).

“The Crown Post Office in Stornoway is an important part of the town centre and I made it clear at the meeting that the Stornoway branch must remain within the town centre.

“I also stressed the importance of ensuring that the Crown Post Office in Stornoway should retain all the services it currently offers and enhanced, if possible. “