Na h-Eileanan and Iar SNP MP, Angus Brendan MacNeil attended a meeting of the Outer Hebrides Fuel Action Group this morning also attended by the Office of Fair Trading.

Commenting after the meeting, Mr MacNeil said:

“I fear that there is exclusionary behaviour in our islands with regards fuel and from my point of view contributing to that is the issue of contracts and fuel rebates.

“I would like to see all and any distributors being able to operate in the Hebridean fuel market on an even footing, with no particular advantage given by virtue of history or track record, on any particular day the market operates.

“More widely, it was a productive meeting with the OFT.  The Outer Hebrides Fuel Action Group will submit evidence to the OFT, but I would urge anybody with specific knowledge of how the markets work to get in touch with the OFT, either through myself or directly with Kyla Brand, the OFT’s Representative for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Any information will be treated confidentially; this includes information from retailers, businesses and the wider community.

“We need information from all sources to ensure this problem is dealt with and does not continue to be a recurring issue for years to come.”




Kyla Brand, OFT’s Representative for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can be contacted on telephone 0131 220 5930, email  or write to 23 Walker Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HX.