Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is already conceding defeat on Lords reform, the SNP said today (Tuesday) after the Liberal Democrat leader refused to rule out taking a seat in the Lords himself in the event that reforms were unsuccessful.

Speaking after an exchange with the Deputy Prime Minister in the Commons, Angus MacNeil, the MP who sparked the cash for peerages investigation, said:

“Nick Clegg clearly doesn’t have the courage of his convictions on Lords reform when he refuses to rule out his own appointment to the peerage.

“This is supposed to be a democracy, but the UK parliament now has more unelected peers than it has elected MPs – another reason Scotland would be better off with independence.”







A transcript of Mr MacNeil’s exchange is detailed below:


Angus MacNeil MP: Mr Speaker, given that the House of Lords is often seen as a lifeboat for ailing political careers, and thus there are vested interests in this place very much against reform, therefore, will the Deputy Prime Minister lead by example and guarantee that he will not take a seat in the Lords in the event of his attempts at the reform of the Lords not being successful.


Deputy Prime Minister: I certainly hope that my reform proposals will be successful.